Friday, June 17, 2016

Rick Roderick

Dr. Rick Roderick was a philosopher, educator, and lecturer.  He is best known for his lectures presented by The Teaching Company.  We will post a link to his website which is dedicated to exposing Roderick's work with The Teaching Company.  You will find a full biography and a quasi-CV.  

We highly recommend his lectures because they are representative of the philosophical process. They are not necessarily the most pedagogical in terms of teaching a history of philosophy in a traditional and systematic way.  However, they are indicative of a person who struggles to comprehend and understand the human condition and situation by engaging philosophers and their philosophies.  So, if you want to systematically learn philosophy, then these lectures are not appropriate for that.  If you want to watch someone lecture and try to engage with philosophers and their philosophies in an attempt to understand the human condition, then you may find these lectures very engaging.

Here is the link to Dr. Rick Roderick's Website:


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