Friday, May 27, 2016

Human, All Too Human By Friedrich Nietzsche

Our research on this book has left us to believe that there is not a lot of substantial secondary literature on it.  There are quite a few articles and books out there that mention "Human, All Too Human," however, these mentionings are passing thoughts and/or mere lip service.  We do not think it is appropriate to list those sources because they simply do not examine in any kind of depth the ideas contained in this book.  In any event, we have listed what we found.  Hopefully, somebody can come along and point us in the direction of where we can find and review other secondary sources that do more than give it a passing glance.

Primary Sources:
1) Nietzsche, Friedrich. Human, All Too Human. Trans. R.J. Hollingdale. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996. Print.

2) Nietzsche, Friedrich. Human, Human Too Human. Trans. Marion Faber and Stephen Lehmann. Lincoln: University of Nebraska, Print. 

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Note: We highly recommend reading the section of this book titled "Beginning to Be Nietzsche" by
Arthur Danto because he explains how Nietzsche became a philosopher while writing "Human, All Too Human."

3) Nietzsche, Friedrich. "Human, All Too Human." Trans. Alexander Harvey. Project Gutenberg. Charles H. Kerr & Company, 1908. Web.

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Secondary Sources:


1) Franco, Paul. Nietzsche's Enlightenment: The Free-Spirit Trilogy of the Middle Period. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2011. Print.

Journal Articles:

1) Schacht, Richard. "Nietzsche's Naturalism." The Journal of Nietzsche Studies 43.2 (2012): 185-212. Web.

***This article is not exclusively about "Human, All Too Human; however, it does discuss how Nietzsche conceived of himself as a naturalistic thinker which takes up a large part of "Human, All Too Human."

2) Fanco, Paul. "Nietzsche's Human, All Too Human and the Problem of Culture." The Review of Politics 69 (2007): 215-243. Web.

3) Elgat, Guy. "Nietzsche's Critique of Pure Altruism -- Developing an Argument from Human, All Too Human." Inquiry 58.3 (2015): 308-326. Web.


1) Human, All Too Human: BBC Documentary.  This is a documentary about Nietzsche's life.  It is not a scholarly examination of the book.  However, because the video bears the same name as the book, we thought we would include it.

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